One Room Challenge | Dining Room Delight | Week 5

Hi Everyone! Can you believe this is week 5? OH MY goodness! This seems like the longest (insert sarcasm here) yet quickest ORC challenge I have participated in. This was suppose to be a quick dining room refresh. So much for the quick part! I really should be done with this challenge by now, but the wallpaper issue, really put me behind in the overall progress of my room’s completion date.

I’m happy to FINALLY report that my grasscloth wallpaper is getting installed today. Hallelujah! These last two weeks of slow progress have felt like a year. Thank you so much to James O’Brien Wallpaper for coming to my rescue.

Speaking of grasscloth wallpaper if you or someone you know is considering grasscloth for your/their home be sure to check out- The Grasscloth guide here.

Dining Room Delight.png

Here is a little update on the progress this week.

Last week you saw the applied molding that I had added to my ceiling to create a little interest and dimension. This week I added another layer of dimension. My simplified take on trompe l’oeil-sorta, kinda. Wondering what that fancy word is?

trompe ‘oeil /ˌtrômp ˈloi/

visual illusion in art, especially as used to trick the eye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object.

  • a painting or design intended to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object.

Ok, so it’s not exactly Andrea Pozzo’s fresco dome in Vienna but it did create an illusion of a shadow and added dimension to the applied molding. What do you think, did I trick you into thinking this was a tray ceiling?


The One Room Challenge most definitely has its challenges and can be stressful at times. So I thought it would be a fun activity to get my kids involved in this dining room too. After all this is where we plan to eat on occasion together.

Many studies actually show that eating together is a great way for parents and children to deepen their bonds in today’s fast-paced world. I’m a BIG believer in eating at least dinner together. So I tasked each kid to select a set of dishes that reflected their style. My idea was to take all three plate selections and mix them up into our own unique Donohoe table setting.

Now, I really thought they would all dread this task and think it was totally boring. But to my surprise each of them very much enjoyed the idea. I took each kid separately and went thru a number of on-line sites to look at pictures of the dishes. They selected all their favorites and then they narrowed it down to their personal favorites. I did not, I repeat I did not guide them in their selections at all! (see below for what they picked)

I decided to invest in a complete set for each kid so that when we are done making memories here in our family, they could take those dishes and start making memories with their own families. (Ok, I’m getting a little teary thinking about this now).

Here is what they picked-

Plate Picks.png

Shop our plate picks (click on image)

While we are on the subject of tables setting. I’m also teaching them about table manners (more like reinforcing) and how to set a table. What you actually do with that fork and spoon above your plate. Don’t let it intimidate you. (hint: it’s delicious and my kids favorite part)

Here are some really great books I recommend to help guide you. These are for formal and casual tables.

Shop our book selections (Click on image)

With just one week to the reveal I wanted to share some of the artwork that will be going into the dining room. Some of the pieces are small and will sit on the built-in and some are larger to hang on the wall.

If you watch my Instagram stories I’ve given a couple sneak peeks at the large original artwork I found at High Point Furniture Market earlier this month. I had my local frame shop stretch the canvas and add a floating frame. It looks so great! I can’t wait to reveal it and the room.

Art Collection- Fall ORC.png

Shop the Art (click on image)

You may all start the count down. Just 1 week until the final reveal of my Dining Room Delight. I’m very anxious to get the room pulled together this weekend and hopefully I won’t have anymore interruptions.

If you happen to be just joining in on this challenge you can certainly catch up by clicking each week.

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Next week- The Reveal! You don’t want to miss this.

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